York University Admissions FAQ – Grad Section

Admissions for Fall 2022

How is the admissions process affected by COVID-19?
Currently, we are not experiencing any significant delays in the graduate admissions process due to COVID-19.
When can I expect a decision on my application?
Graduate admission decisions usually come out 8-14 weeks after the program application deadline, regardless of the date on which you applied. All admissions decisions will be made available in MyFile, so please continue to check your account regularly.
I’ve been admitted to a program. Can I get an extension on the deadline to accept my offer?
To request an extension, please email fgsnews@yorku.ca. You will be put in touch with your program to see if they can accommodate your request.
I’ve been admitted to a program, but I would like to defer my acceptance. Is this possible?
Please email fgsnews@yorku.ca and you will be put in touch with your program to see if they can accommodate your request.
I am currently completing my undergraduate degree. If I choose to utilize the Pass/Fail option for one or more of my courses, how will that impact my graduate school application?
For courses graded as Pass/Fail, a Pass grade does not affect your GPA. However, if you receive a Fail grade in any Pass/Fail courses(s), we do count that grade and it will negatively impact your GPA. Please keep in mind that if you have already submitted a transcript(s) for your graduate application, we will calculate your admissions GPA using the grades on that document, which won’t include any courses you don’t have a grade for yet

Document Submission

Is York receiving documents by mail or courier?
Yes, we are currently receiving documents by mail. Documents received in the mail can take up to 15 business days to appear on your MyFile.
How should I submit my documents?
Please upload documents to your MyFile account. If you encounter issues doing so, please email the required documents in PDF format to study@yorku.ca. Make sure to include your full name and York reference number in the e-mail. Documents may also be submitted via mail if necessary.
I have been admitted, and need to submit an official transcript, but my institutions(s) are not currently producing official transcripts. What should I do ?

Many postsecondary institutions around the world are currently figuring out how they can produce transcripts during this time, as schools may be closed or operating remotely. You will still be allowed to register for the Fall 2022 semester at York without submitting official transcript(s), but you must arrange submission of your official transcript(s) as soon as possible to remain enrolled.

If your institution produces electronic transcripts, we can accept those as official documents as long as they are sent directly from the institution to study@yorku.ca.

Language Proficiency Test Information

Can my graduate studies application be considered without a language proficiency test score? Do you offer conditional admission for applicants without a score or who submit a score lower than the requirement?
We are unable to consider graduate applications without a language proficiency test score, if one is required. We do not offer conditional admission based on language proficiency at the graduate level. All graduate studies applicants must present a language proficiency test score that fulfills a program’s admission requirements in order to be considered for graduate admissions.
I have not been able to write a language proficiency test due to the COVID-19 situation. What should I do?

Both IELTS and TOEFL have started offering at-home testing in most markets around the world.

York is also accepting Duolingo English Language test scores for admission up until, and including, Summer 2024. Scores of 115 and above are required - check your academic program for specific score requirements.


I have been accepted to a graduate program at York University, but I’m concerned how the visa and study permit process will be affected by COVID-19
For the answer to this, and other Study Permit/Visa questions, please visit the York International FAQ page.

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